Hello, My name is Caroline, and I’m a Writer

Why I Love What I do

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People ask me why I write. The answer is simple; it’s the best way I communicate my deepest thoughts and feelings. I’m an introvert at heart, never happier when I sit at my desk crafting my next story.

My husband and I own a guest ranch in Baja, California, Mexico. We meet people from all over the world with whom we talk to and entertain during their stay with us. However, this sounds strange to people who know me because my real-life job is working in the tourism industry.

I write. Journaling, letter writing, short stories, and yes, even my grocery list are among my favorite things to do! Some people practice yoga and meditation. The time I set aside for writing is my time to enjoy silence and peace as I go about creating my personal, private space where it’s just me, my pen and paper.

I’ve published two short stories, two children’s books, and I’ve recently published a young adult fantasy fiction novel, At The Edge Of The Forest.

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As most avid writers may know, some of us have our quirks. This writer does for sure!

First of all, I have so many books and I’ll never throw them away. Maybe I should open up my bookstore? The idea of throwing away someone else’s hard work, their creativity, is like chopping down a tree. It’s like cutting the life energy out of something beautiful.

Secondly, my closet is piled to the ceiling with Journals that date back to my embarrassing high school days, but I will never throw them away. My journals and stories are a part of me. They are my life in written form, documented with love and full of my hopes and dreams for the future.

Third, I’m a nut for collecting pens, notebooks, and paper. I use my notebook for jotting down story ideas, and it’s never far from my side. You can be sure I will have a few pens or pencils in my purse if you need one.

I’ve taken some creative writing courses, but I don’t have a fancy degree. I write, and I work on improving my writing every day.

As writers, if we look back on our lives, we’ll find many stories to write about, be it Memoirs, poetry, fiction, or non-fiction. Those are my favorite genres. The incredible story we look for is right there in our experiences and our creative imagination.

In closing, I love to write because it brings me great peace and a sense of accomplishment. It’s my greatest hope that my readers enjoy what I’ve created as an author. If this is true, the hard work I’ve put into my writing is genuinely worth it, especially if it puts a smile on someone’s face.




Writing is my passion. My most well-known genres are mental health, fiction, and poetry. I seek the Truth, I write the Truth I seek the Truth.

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Caroline Aguiar

Caroline Aguiar

Writing is my passion. My most well-known genres are mental health, fiction, and poetry. I seek the Truth, I write the Truth I seek the Truth.

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