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Caroline Aguiar
4 min readJan 24, 2022


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Soon after the pandemic hit, I began to notice a rising trend. Suddenly, I became aware of a new Global Work Movement that some of us, as citizens of the world, are already involved in, while others were thrown into it at the beginning of 2020.

My husband and I own a guest ranch just forty miles south of the Tecate, Ca. border in Baja, California, Mexico. Travelers, primarily millennials, who venture the Pan-American Highway, starting in Canada and ending in Patagonia, must pass through Mexico as part of the route moving south into Guatemala. After crossing into Mexico, our ranch is one of the first "traveler sites" on the map.

My point is that working remotely is becoming more popular and as we continue with the pandemic, it becomes required by some companies, and to take it one step further, employers are more than okay with it. Thus, a new workforce is born.

The idea that you can be anywhere in the world and still report to your job every day and get paid for it astounds me. Thanks to the rise in technology, online learning, video conferences, and numerous sites for receiving and sending payments have become beneficial for many.

Let's look at the benefits.

What type of job categorizes as working remotely? Writers hands down and every genre writing involves. Editors, authors, bloggers, and freelancers in the writing field can make a solid income or at least enough to pay some bills and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Then we have Youtubers. We met a young man not long ago named Maverick. Originally from Minnesota, he has an adventure travel show with 1 million subscribers and climbing. At twenty-four years of age, he lives extravagantly, travels worldwide, and earns his living through donations and subscribers to his channel not to mention the commercial advertisements he does for various camping, fishing, and travel products.

He spent three weeks at our ranch, and we became good friends. You can find some of his videos here.

Next, marketing reps, anything computer-related, psychologists, Life Coaches (thanks to video conferencing) web designers, graphic designers, the list is more than extensive but you get the idea.

How do people benefit from Remote Jobs besides gaining their main source of income, or an additional supplement?

1. You make your own hours. There's no need to rush to the office before the sun comes up and if you have a meeting, Zoom and Crowdcast are the most popular video conferencing platforms for this.

2. No need for one-hour or more commutes to work. Literally, you beat the traffic and eliminate stress because you're not sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic in the early morning hours while you juggle your coffee and a meager breakfast just to get to work on time.

3. Freedom. Working from home means you schedule your work hours.

4. It's easier to balance your work life and personal life with less stress from the office, you don't need to bring it home, nor does it weigh heavily on your shoulders.

5. You have more time at home, or wherever home may be, and you're able to spend more time with your family and friends.

6. Working from home means increased productivity.

In closing, you can earn a living remotely or you continue to sit in the office at your desk from 9–5 pm. Which would you choose? If my dreams come true, I'd work remotely only because I travel a lot and there are days when I'm not within Wi-Fi range.

Since we are all writers here on this platform, it would be nice to earn a relatively decent income from writing. Nowadays, if we choose to submit our work to Publishing Houses or Literary Journals, thanks to the internet, we can do so online and from anywhere in the world.

If you're a writer, as I am, we love our craft. We love to reach out to our readers expressing our innermost thoughts and ideas through the written word. Writing is an art. If we make a decent living at it or a little extra for our pocket, hurray!

In my humble opinion, working remotely is the perfect setup and as a writer, I must remind myself that working remotely sounds great but it isn't easy. I value the friendships I've established through the years I've met through writing platforms and in other areas over the internet. If I want to send a voice message to a friend in the Netherlands, they get it within minutes. How fantastic is that? We are indeed a Global Community.

The Global Work Movement is growing stronger every day, and it's not formatted for millennials alone. Albeit, there are tremendous benefits to working remotely. Anyone can do this.

Set your heart on making a positive change in your life if this calls to you. Look ahead, feel good about yourself and what you do, and pursue your goals with enthusiasm!



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